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April 2, 2024

WHO, UN , And WEF Blocked By The Louisiana Senate.

The Bill, SB 133, was created to ensure that the World Health Organization, United Nations, and World Economic Forum have no jurisdiction in the state of Louisiana.


Louisiana’s Bold Stand: Rejecting Globalist Influence and Protecting State Sovereignty

In a move hailed as both courageous and strategic, Louisiana’s Senate has unanimously approved a groundbreaking bill that strikes at the heart of encroaching globalist influence. Set to take effect on August 1st, this legislation staunchly prohibits the enforcement of rules and mandates emanating from the World Health Organization (WHO), the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the United Nations (UN) within the state’s borders.

This decisive action sends an unequivocal message: Louisiana refuses to bow to the dictates of international bodies that seek to undermine its sovereignty and autonomy. By rejecting the overreach of organizations like WHO and WEF, Louisiana has reaffirmed the primacy of local governance and the rights of its citizens to chart their own course free from external coercion.

At its core, this bill represents a resolute defense of individual liberty and the principles of self-determination. No longer will Louisianans be subjected to the whims of distant bureaucrats pushing agendas that may not align with the state’s values or priorities. Instead, the power to shape policy and determine the course of public health initiatives remains firmly in the hands of the people and their elected representatives.

Crucially, this legislation serves as a bulwark against the insidious encroachment of initiatives such as the UN Agenda 2030, which seeks to impose onerous mandates related to vaccines, climate change, and information dissemination. By rejecting these schemes, Louisiana is safeguarding its citizens from coercion and manipulation, ensuring that decisions regarding their health and well-being are made transparently and in accordance with their best interests.

Furthermore, this bold move underscores Louisiana’s commitment to upholding the principles of accountability and democratic governance. By refusing to cede authority to international bodies, the state is asserting its right to govern itself in a manner that reflects the will of its people. In doing so, Louisiana serves as a beacon of freedom and self-reliance, inspiring other states to assert their sovereignty in the face of globalist pressure.

As the world grapples with the ongoing challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Louisiana’s proactive stance sends a powerful message: the era of unbridled globalist influence is coming to an end. No longer will supranational organizations dictate policy to sovereign states; instead, the reins of power have been firmly placed back in the hands of the people.

In the coming days, as the international community convenes for the World Health Assembly (WHA77), the eyes of the world will be on Louisiana. Yet, regardless of the outcome of global deliberations, the state’s commitment to freedom and self-governance remains unwavering. Louisiana’s Senate has spoken, and its message is clear: in the battle for sovereignty, the people will always emerge victorious.

SB133 will move to the House for further consideration. It was referred to the Committee on House and Governmental Affairs where it must get a hearing and pass by a majority vote before moving forward in the legislative process.

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