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October 10, 2023

Another defeat for the globalists, or just a theatrical act to prevent people from fighting?

The US House of Representatives has voted (216-212) to cut WHO funding through 2024. The bill will now move to the Senate.



The House has voted (216-212) to cut WHO funding through 2024. The bill will now move to the Senate and has been placed on its legislative calendar.

At the very least, if passed by the Senate, the bill’s approval marks a sharp turnaround. In 2022-23, the U.S. was the WHO’s top contributor, surpassing the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Over the past decade, the U.S. has provided the WHO with an annual funding ranging from $200 million to $600 million.

A Blow to Globalists or a Theatrical Act to Suppress Resistance?

The bill, now making its way to the Senate, has ignited intense debates across the nation.

Is this a genuine defeat for the globalists, or is it a meticulously orchestrated theatrical act, designed to quell public opposition to their relentless power grab?

For years, the United States has been the WHO’s largest benefactor, outstripping even the renowned Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in contributions. The abrupt about-face in American policy has left many questioning the motives behind this decision. Some speculate that it’s a strategic move by globalists to placate mounting pressure from the public, pushing back against their ever-expanding sphere of influence.

However, critics argue that the House’s decision, while seemingly significant, falls short of addressing the deeper concerns regarding U.S. involvement in global health initiatives. Professor Francis Boyle, a distinguished scholar in international law, voiced his reservations about the bill. He highlighted that although the House’s move limits funding, it fails to address apprehensions about the U.S. signing or adopting crucial documents, leaving room for skepticism.

“This is a step in the right direction but falls short,” Professor Boyle emphasized. “The fiscal cut-off and treaty ratification requirement will only apply for the fiscal year. However, the Globalists will continue their efforts to establish a worldwide totalitarian police state under the guise of the WHO.”

Central to the debate is WHO CA+, an initiative aiming to establish a global authority with unprecedented immunity, transcending national constitutions. Its ominous powers include enforcing universal vaccination, mandating vaccine passports, imposing lockdowns, and implementing various nonpharmaceutical interventions.

Additionally, WHO CA+ plans to establish early warning virus surveillance systems and introduce ‘One Health’ initiatives, encompassing climate ’emergency’ measures and the suppression of ‘misinformation.’ This suppression includes censoring any content that might fuel ‘vaccine hesitancy’ and climate emergency denial.

The House’s decision, while applauded by some as a victory against globalist agendas, raises essential questions about the future of global health governance. Is this a genuine attempt to curb the power of international bodies, or is it merely a calculated move in a grander scheme? As the bill moves to the Senate and is placed on its legislative calendar, the world watches with bated breath, pondering the true motives behind this bold maneuver.

In the end, whether this move signifies a setback for the globalists or merely a pause in their relentless pursuit of power, one thing remains clear: the battle for global health and individual freedoms rages on, and the decisions made within the hallowed halls of Congress reverberate far beyond its chambers. Only time will reveal the true intentions behind this historic vote and its implications for the future of global governance.


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