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May 9, 2021
Crimes Against Humanity & War Crimes LEGAL PROCEEDINGS Against the Global Elite

Global elite (The Pope, The Vatican, Queen Elisabeth II, GAVI, WHO, Government Officials, Gates Foundation… ) accused of Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes regarding CV19 actions, including the so-called vaccine.

The Plaintiffs and Class Members submit that their lawyers participate in a World AllianceĀ  with international lawyers, doctors and scientists who are expressing collective alarm andĀ  support in order to address the measures that have been adopted worldwide while beingĀ  unsupported by lawful authority and due process.




So-called vaccine sold as a vaccine
Eugenics program
Killing and torturing
Fraudulent mass sterilization
Great Reset
One World Government
Lobbying governments
Public manipulation
Designed to cause mental and physical harm
Surrender of personal rights, freedoms and national sovereignty
PCR-test highly questionable
Lack of informed consent
Nuremberg Trials

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