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June 7, 2024

Global “Agreement” on Censorship?

Know the Outcome of the WHO 77th Assembly.

All the issues we exposed in previous posts, except for censorship, have been removed as they failed to reach an agreement.


After analyzing all reliable sources, this is our takeaway on the intent of a global takeover by the evil forces at the 77th World Health Assembly.

They did not achieve much, except for imposing censorship, which is the first step to keeping the population blind and ignorant about their goals, thereby facing less resistance in the next assembly.

All the issues we exposed in previous posts, except for this one, have been removed as they failed to reach an agreement. They adopted a version very similar to the previous one and managed to include the censorship matter to save face and give the impression that the world accepted all they wanted. They played dirty; there was no agreement, and the WHO did not follow its own procedures. Therefore, the “decisions” must be considered null and void:

– The final targeted set of amendments was not presented to the member nations 4 months ahead of their consideration, as required by IHR Article 55, paragraph 2.

– The amendments passed in 2022 were not voted on in the plenary session.

Even so, most nations have 10 months to reject the amendments, and some have 18 months.

This is a partial victory for us, the forces of light, but we must remain vigilant as they will continue their attacks. The problem now is that they will likely focus on censorship before the next round of negotiations. They will try to censor any information that goes against their interests, keeping the population unaware of the truth under the guise of hate speech, misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation—newly created terms for their goals.

Despite their defeat on the most important points, they claim victory.

Censorship is going to be very severe globally, which is why we, the resistance, need your support now more than ever. Please continue to support us financially and share our message.

IHRs adopted


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